PLCS Web services V2


A set of PLCS web services have been developed by Eurostep and are being put forward to the PLCS OASIS subcommittee for consideration as the basis for development into a PLCS OASIS standard.

The specification is available from the OASIS website

The work has been developed as part of the European project VIVACE

A paper describing the work was published at "1st Nordic Conference on Product Lifecycle Management - NordPLM’06, Göteborg, January 25-26 2006".

PLCS web services V2

PLCS web services -PLCSPLMServices_merged

The PLCSPLMServices_merged.wsdl has been provided for the convienence of the developers. It is automatically generated by concatenating the indivdual wsdls and xsd the files stored in PLCSPLMServices/ws/wsdl and PLCSPLMServices/ws/xsd

PLCS web services - WSDL

PLCS web services - XSD