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PuTTY Date: 2008/02/26 10:47:32
Revision: 1.9


PuTTY is a software suite for authentication. In order to create a safe connection to, such a software is needed.

The PuTTY suite can be downloaded from, ( Look in the 'Download' section and chose files depending on your environment. These files are required,

This page contains a number of sub-sections;


None of the download files need any installation. They are all executable in the format they are downloaded.

Generate and save a public/private key pair

A public/private key pair needs to be generated, which will be used for authentication on

Load your private key with Pageant

You will have to complete the actions described in this step every time you use WinCVS. These steps are also included in the guide on how to download, work with, and upload DEXlib and STEPmod on

Set up PuTTY

Test PuTTY

This setup and test only needs to be performed once. Though, if you later on experience authentication problems, it could be a good idea to run this test again.