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Instance Explorer Date: 2008/03/26 13:07:23
Revision: 1.7


PDTec's Instance Explorer is a software that facilitates the rapid generation and efficient graphical layout of data compliant with EXPRESS (ISO 10303-11) data models. Existing data can be imported and exported from STEP Part 21 files (ISO 10303-21) and STEP XML files (ISO 10303-28). Data can be checked for consistency and compliance with the underlying schema. The notational conventions are based on the customary EXPRESS-G/EXPRESS-I notation.

Layouted data can be spread across several diagrams, and short names can be defined for compact representation purposes. Instance Explorer supports automatic layout of instance graphs according to predefined layout templates. Generated instance diagrams can be pasted into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint for documentation purposes.

Instance explorer uses precompiled schemata such as PLCS (ISO 10303-239), STEP AP214 (ISO 10303-214), PLM Services, and others. the software is based on .NET technology and can be used on any computer running Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.

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Instance Explorer comes as an executable installation file.