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The PLCS Help and Information Pages Date: 2008/03/04 12:06:22
Revision: 1.5

This page about the PLCS Help and Information Pages in DEXlib describes, amongst others, their purpose, composition and relevant development activities. "Help and Info" is a abbreviation/synonym for "PLCS Help and Information Pages" often used within DEXlib.


Provide guidance to developers and implementers of the DEXs and their related components, but also to explain about PLCS and STEP.

Review checklist and issue management

The review checklist document for the PLCS Help and Information Pages serves both as a quick reference while developing or editing a new or existing page in the PLCS Help and Information Pages of DEXlib, as well as a checklist for page reviews.
The checklist (a MS Word document) can be accessed from; (..\..\docs\Checklists\Help_and_Info_Review_Checklist.doc).

Issuses identified during review shall be recorded in the Bugzilla bug tracking system. Further information can be found in the Infrastructure issues log section of the "Managing issues" page.

The lifecycle and status of a page

Possible statuses for a page are,

Issues can be raised against a page independant of its status.

we need to different "released" statuses depending on if the page is of interest in the standard publication or not A "released for info" status can be set by the editor without a review, but if the page shall be apart of the publication package then it must undergo a TC review and achive status "reviewed and released". I liked that one...