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Developer download Date: 2008/02/26 10:05:29
Revision: 1.14


This page provides instructions about which actions should be performed in order to download DEXlib and STEPmod on if you are a developer

This guide assumes you have WinCVS and other neccesary applications set up correctly. If this is not the case, please visit to the CVS access guide.

The guidence provided here is build from a number of preavious documents, but the majority is extracted from a help guide created by Mike Ward, Eurostep. The instructions on this page written for version of WinCVS. If you encounter problems following this guide, contact anyone of the DEXlib developers.

Sourceforge access for developers

This section describes how DEXlib or STEPmod on is accessed by a user with developer status.

Accessing and downloading DEXlib or STEPmod

All steps which must be repeted each time a CVS download should take place are described in this section.

Start Pageant

Before accessing STEPmod or DEXlib you must start the PuTTY authentication agent - Pageant. Pageant is needed to ... (explain).

Update your local STEPmod or DEXlib copy

Before you begin editing, it's a good idea to do a CVS update to make sure you have the latest version of the file you plan to work on. This will reduse the risk of conflicts when checking them back in again.

Now you're ready to begin developing... Useful instructions can be found in the Developers Information section.