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Business need:

The Government Electronics and Information Technology Association (GEIA) in conjunction with LOGSA developed and published the GEIA-STD-0007, Logistics Product Data (August 2007). This standard is a replacement for the cancelled MIL-STD-1388-2B, Logistics Support Analysis Record (LSAR). The new GEIA standard provides a mechanism for the United States Department of Defense to acquire logistics product data in support of weapon systems and products acquired by the component services. The standard encompasses data related to operations and maintenance requirements, reliability and maintainability analysis, task analysis, support and test equipment requirements, skills and training requirements, facility requirements, transportability requirements and provisioning and cataloging requirements. These data categories are being subdivided into logical data exchange sets that will be developed incrementally using the OASIS tools and methodology.

The GEIA-STD-0007 Provisioning and Cataloging Data provides a standard means to provide for the exchange of product breakdown for support data. This includes provisioning technical documentation and Department of Defense cataloging data. Information related to indentured parts lists or product lists can be transferred via this exchange set.

This business DEX defines the part elements of product data generated during the requirements definition and design of an industry or government system, end item or product and the logistics product data changed or modified throughout the life cycle of the system, end item, or product. This business DEX defines the attributes from the Logistics Support Analysis process.

Structure of the DEX

The DEX comprises the following sections:

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